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Terms & Conditions

Allergen Disclaimer-

Cakes are NOT Allergen friendly. All cakes contain and may contain; Eggs, Cereals, Milk, Nuts, Soya, Peanuts, Sulphites & Sulphur Dioxide. All Cakes will come labelled with Allergen info.

Placing a Custom order- 

All Prices shown on this website reflect sponge cake flavours only, alternative flavours/colourings carry a surcharge. Please contact us for an accurate quotation based on your preferences. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks notice for all custom orders to avoid disappointment. A 50% deposit will be required for any order of a Custom Design. 

Placing an Order Online-

All online orders require a minimum of 48-72 hours for completion and your order will be ready for collection from 12 noon - end of business on collection day (please click here for opening hours)

-Custom Cakes will not be responsible for any spelling errors or mistakes made during the online order process        (please take care while ordering).

-Custom Cakes reserves the right to choose colours for message text, backgrounds and font used.

-Custom Cakes reserves the right to make changes to third party products such as decorative toppings or  colourings when necessary.

Placing A Wedding Order- 

All prices include sponge flavours only, any alternative flavours e.g chocolate biscuit or fruit cake or any colours or alcoholic additives will carry a surcharge. Delivery charges may apply. Delivery/set up fees include a guarantee of safe arrival and assembly will be carried out by a skilled decorator on site.

-Custom Cakes encourages all wedding couples to have a face to face consultation in store with your Wedding Cake designer to confirm and finalise all details. In the event that a consultation is not possible i.e Couples living abroad, all correspondence will be via email only. Custom Cakes can not take responsibility for colour samples unless a physical sample has been provided this is to ensure we can match your swatch accurately, failure to do so can result in the customers dissatisfaction.


Design Policy-

Any References sent to us are for those purposes only, while we may use these references as a rough guideline Custom Cakes reserves the right to change any designs were copyright may be awarded to the original designer. it is for this reason that we do not replicate or plagiarise designs which do not belong to Custom Cakes.

Delivery policies;

Wedding Cakes- All Wedding cakes will be transported unassembled and built on site to guarantee safe arrival and unblemished finish. Custom Cakes will aim to minimise the duration of time your wedding cake will sit unattended therefore we request all couples to inform us of their guests arrival time.

In the event that the venues environment is not ideal for the display or storage of a Wedding Cake e.g temperature unsuitable, unsteady table/uneven ground, cake stand provided is not suitable or the cake is in direct sunlight, Custom Cakes reserves the right to make changes or decisions to preserve the integrity of your cake.

Custom Cakes also reserves the right to omit any element such as cake stands/toppers or flowers left on site for use during set up should we deem them unfit for purpose.

Upon delivery of all Wedding Cakes, Custom Cakes is required to leave Allergen Information related to your cake, a small Compliment/Congratulations card will be arranged next to your cake on display. This information is required by law and shall not be moved, your venues coordinator will be notified also. Custom Cakes will always photograph your Wedding Cake when assembly is completed as evidence of its condition and display location. Should a third party such as venue staff, photographer, florist etc tamper with or move our cake in any way Custom Cakes will not accept liability and all guarantees are void. (Only an appointed team member from Custom Cakes is entitled to touch your cake)

Novelty Cakes-
If delivery is required the full amount of your order must be paid on or prior to delivery. Please note our drivers can not take card payments, please contact the store if you wish to use card. 

Upon delivery all cakes should be inspected by the recipient thoroughly, any damage that occurs thereafter Custom Cakes can not accept liability for.

Cancellation policy


-Custom Cakes- please give 1 weeks notice, failure to do so will result in loss of deposit.

-Wedding Cakes- Wedding Cake deposits are NON REFUNDABLE.

-Online Orders- You may cancel your online order within 24 hours via email only and a refund will be returned to you minus the merchant service processing fees, e.g Paypal = 2.7%


Returns Policy;

Custom Cakes can not accept returns after 4 days from collection or delivery, any issues must be brought to Custom Cakes attention within this period or no liability can be accepted due to the nature of the product and customer handling. 

All Custom Cakes™ cakes are by design, moist, should this not be to a customers liking Custom Cakes™ will not accept liability, however in the event that a customer feels that their cake was not as intended Custom Cakes™ requires a sample of this cake for examination. Please note all baking processes are tracked and monitored therefore customers are required to withhold a sample should they wish to make a complaint in order for Custom Cakes™ to properly evaluate the cake. In the event that Custom Cakes™ receives a sample of an unsatisfactory cake within 4 days of collection/delivery a full analysis will be carried out and fair compensation should be expected where warranted.


In the event that a third party product e.g pre-made coloured icings, chocolates or non edible accessories which Custom Cakes did not manufacture fail to meet Custom Cakes or the customers expectations, Custom Cakes can not accept liability after the cake has been signed for and received.


All products manufactured and supplied by Custom Cakes will be guaranteed and should said item be unsatisfactory Custom Cakes will accept liability and compensate the customer fairly providing the correct storage and guidelines have been adhered to by the customer. These guidelines are attached to the footer of all invoices and order sheets and should be read by all customers before signing. Furthermore each cake box comes labelled with storage/handling and allergen info.

Store Collection 

Upon collection each customer must inspect their cake carefully, as it is a creative product, should any customer be dissatisfied with the product whereby colours or sizes of certain handmade accessories are not as expected, the customer must indicate this to a member of staff before signing to receive your product, thereafter Custom Cakes can not accept liability for damages caused by transport or improper storage/handling

Storage & Handling-

Do not refrigerate any cakes (prior to serving) 

All items must remain covered and be stored in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight and/or fluorescent light where possible until the cake is ready to be displayed and cut. Please note repeated exposure can affect certain colours due to their ingredients.

Cakes should remain on level surface at all times.

For best results after serving the cake should be stored in an air tight container and refrigerated.

All cakes will be labelled with storage and handling guidelines.

Shelf Life-

We recommend all custom cakes should be consumed with 3-5 days after your event, our products can be consumed thereafter safely however the quality will have deteriorated


In the event of a customer requesting we recreate a copy-written image which does not belong to Custom Cakes, it is the responsibility of the customer to gain permission or a license where necessary to do so. Custom Cakes will accept NO responsibility for the use and application of such images.

Likewise any attempt to recreate Custom Cakes property/assets such as patented exclusive designs/ images containing our company's logo or watermark could result in prosecution.

Custom Cakes will take no responsibility for utilising trademarked characters i.e Disney Property that has been provided by the customer.


Loyalty Programme- 

All subscribers will receive notifications for new products and promotional material.

Discounts will apply when existing customers return for a second order or whereby the existing customer extends a referral to a friend or family member (whom must also sign up) the discount will still apply. The discount will exclude vat (13.5%) The discount will only apply on orders greater than €60 and can only be utilised once per customer on every second order, furthermore the customer must quote to a member of staff the words " Loyalty Programme". In the event that a customers order does not exceed €60 the discount will apply on your fourth order.

Discounts can not be used on Wedding Cakes.

This offer can not be used in conjunction with any other offer.


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